Lebanon Pictures
All pictures taken October 11, 2003

Heading east on 89 you are greeted with this sign.

The Lebanon Town Hall

These pictures were taken on the morning of October 11.  While taking many of the shots I realized I was facing the sun and decided to return for additional shots after my tour of the cemetery.  I didn't realize until I got home that I had forgotten to go back and get several pictures!  So I don't have a good shot of the main part of town or of the school.

Mixed in with these pictures are two videos.  You can access them directly by following these links:
Video of Lebanon from the steps of the Presbyterian Church
Video of McCook from in front of the High Plains Museum on Norris Ave.

Click on the pictures for a large version.  Use your Browser's "Back" button to return here.

This is a shot of what I call the Abbott house.  I believe the house was originally built by town founder B.F. Bradbury and was later occupied by George Abbott and his wife Viola (my great-aunt).

Another view of the Abbott house.
Side and corner views of the same house.
 I have some vintage pictures of this house and it is mentioned in Elmore Devoe's Autobiography.

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