Lebanon Cemetery Marker Pictures
All pictures taken Saturday, October 11, 2003
Those marked with * are video captures
Total Names: 226

Click here to view the Lebanon Cemetery Transcriptions on the Red Willow Rootsweb site
It contains cemetery transcriptions up to the year 1978 but I also noticed in compiling this list that there were other omissions.

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Abbott, George E. Magers, Anna*
Abbott, Viola D. Devoe Magers, James*
Boyd, Alice* Martin, Adeline J*.
Boyd, R. Marvin* Martin, Clarence*
Boyd, Verna (?)* Martin, John A.*
Boyd, William* Martin, Wilma V.*
Bradbury, Benjamin Franklin Martin, William J.*
Breach, Donal M.* McCarty, Duane A.*
Breach, May L.* McCarty, Maria E.*
Brown, Iona* McCashland, Elsie A.
Brown, Roy* McCashland, Francis Lloyd
Bruening, Robert A.* McChesney, Harold
Burgess, Harvey J. McChesney, Helen V.
Burgess, John Clayton McConnell, Larry E.
Burgess, Leola (Green) Morgan, Carroll
Burgess, Marcia F. Morgan, Grace
Castor, John W. Morgan, Helen
Castor, Mary A. Morgan, William
Catt, O. Wayne Morris, Jessie A.*
Catt, Rosemary Morris, William C.*
Cheney, Thomas J. Mott, Larry Lee
Cumming, Jennie R.* Nichols, C.H.
Cumming, John M.* Nichols, Dora E.
Daffer, Josephine E. Nichols, H. Laurence
Daffer, Lauren J. Nichols, Leroy F.
Daffer, James Reid* Nichols, Louie O.
Dalton, T.* Nichols, Mary A.
DeMoss, Donald E.* Nichols, Susan A.
DeMoss, M. Elaine* North, Neva E.*
Devoe, Beulah North, Raymond E.*
Devoe, Billy Orvis, Betty Jo
Devoe, Elmore E. Orvis, Gaylord (Gail) C.
Devoe, Elwin E. Orvis, George H.
Devoe, Eva J. Orvis, Jackie F.
Devoe, James M. Painter, Charles M.*
Devoe, Leonard Painter, David*
Devoe, Mary Painter, Ida M.*
Devoe, Mary E. Painter, Nathan L.*
Devoe, Michael Pennington, Burton L.
Devoe, Michael Pennington, Donald
Devoe, Richmond Pennington, Ilah F.
Devoe, Robert Pennington, Russell R.
Devoe, Sarah Poole, Harriett
Devoe, Sarah Jane Casement Poole, Myra
Devoe, Walter G. Porter, David
Devoe, William Porter, Leslie Lee*
Ebert, Darold* Powell, James*
Ebert, Fred Samuel* Powell, Jimmie*
Ebert, Pauline M.* Powell, Irene*
Evans, Bessie M. Quaduor, Connie S.
Gay, Clara M. * Quaduor, Edward L.
Gay, Freeman D.* Quaduor, Faye D.
Gay, Pearl L.* Quaduor, Rudolph E.
Gay, Shirley I.* Railsback, Leonard G.
Gay, Truman A.* Redtfeldt, Daughter of Mr/Mrs O.C.
Gollehon, Edith M.* Redtfeldt, Ladona L.
Gollehon, Durwood V.* Redtfeldt, Lowell A.
Gollehon, Durwood V. Redtfeldt, Paulina
Grimes, Everett M. Redtfeldt, William J.
Grimes, Irene E. Rice, Mildred Porter*
Hageman, Aneta Townsend* Robinson, Lewis Wallace
Harris, Charles Sonday, Doyle Dean*
Harris, Jessie M. Sonday, Gladys M.*
Harris, Tippo R. Sonday, Louis E.*
Helt, Fern* Springer, Marion C.*
Helt, Forrest T. Springer, Reva L.*
Helt, Franklin D.* Squires, Benjamin M.*
Helt, Jack Edward Squires, Maud E.*
Helt, Ralph* Teeters, Florence
Horton, Beda E. Teeters, Jerry
Horton, Clara A. Thomas, Jessie M.
Horton, Esther A. Townley, Edward*
Horton, Grace S. Townley, Mary*
Horton, Hampton Townsend, Darline L.*
Horton, Hampton H. Townsend, Earl A.*
Horton, Hampton T. Townsend, Nellie F.*
Horton, Isaac N. Townsend, Steven Earl*
Horton, J. E. Townsend, Thomas B.*
Horton, James M. Tuller, Douglas W.*
Horton, Jefferson J. Tuller, Randy Wayne*
Horton, John H. Tuller, Vera M.*
Horton, John L. Unknown, Father Harlow J. 1894-1937
Horton, John M. Unknown, Hazel I. July 22, 1897 - Apr. 23, 1925
Horton, Josephine Warner, Bertha V.
Horton, Margaret E. Warner, Hiram J.
Horton, Mildred L. Waterman, Annie M.
Horton, Milo N. Waterman, Carl A.
Horton, Robert L. Waterman, Carl C.
Horton, Sarah A. Waterman, Charles F.
Horton, Susan A. Waterman, Delos Amos
Horton, W. Henry Waterman, Fred L.
Hosea, Wyna Mae Helt Waterman, Herbert A.
Hunt, Jean LaVon Waterman, Josephine
Hunt, Jesse Allen Waterman, Leah B.
Jolly, Ella Waterman, Maggie E.
Jolly, Evald L. Waugh, Hiberd
Jolly, Frank Waugh, Kate
Jolly, Fred Weatherwax, Elvis R.
Jolly, Gladys Weatherwax, Mae L.
Kettering, Doris* West, Clara B.
Kettering, Frank* Wiggins, Caroline F.
Kettering, Henry* Wiggins, Ida May
Kettering, Susan* Wiggins, Marie
Kettering, William* Wiggins, Mary
Knight, Bessie E.* Wiggins, Winifred J.
Knight, E. Dale* Wiggins, Wise
Knight, Emma* Yingling, Catherine
Knight, Larry D.* Yingling, Charles M.
Knight, William* Yingling, George H.
Koons, Martha Yingling, Martha E.
Koons, Russell Yingling, Rebecca C.
Leopold, Milton Zink, Clyde E.*
Leopold, Prudence Zink, Seretha*
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