Welcome to Randy's Pictures from Fiji!

What a great trip!  We all made new friends and met the wonderful people of Fiji!  Below are links to my pictures of Fiji.  When Craig gets his underwater video crunched we'll put some of those clips up here as well.

You can either click on the links to go directly to those pictures or just start at the first one and you will be guided through them all.  Clicking on most pictures will bring up a much larger version of the picture (1000x768 pixels).  Use your browser's "back" button to return to the original page.

All my pictures were scanned from negatives so I have high resolution TIFF files for anyone interested in a copy.  Beware, each TIFF is typically about 20 megabytes.  I will be happy to blast a CD or print the picture for you and mail it.  The bottom of this page has a link to send me an email.

Kim and I truly enjoyed everyone's company.  Thanks for making this such a remarkable trip!

10-Nov-2002 Dive 1 & 2 Pearl Rock and Soft Coral Plateau
Dive 1 was so-so but I got some good pics of a few people.
Dive 2 was like swimming in an aquarium but I ran out of film early.
11-Nov-2002 Dive 1 Favorite Dive
This was outside Beqa lagoon.  Hard coral heads and some dive
11-Nov-2002 Dive 2 Hollywood West
Not too much for me to take pictures of, but there is a great shot
of Adam behind a fan.
12-Nov-2002 Dives 1&2 Aquarium & Three Sisters
Dive 1 was the wreck dive.  Saw Trumpet fish.
Dive 2 we saw FIVE Lion fish, a Trumpet and some were lucky
enough to see a shark.
12-Nov-2002 Night Dive Soft Coral Plateau
This was really a great night dive.  We again saw multiple Lion Fish,
mulitple shark with the last one being a Nurse, a huge snail and a
couple of large hermit crabs.
13-Nov-2002 Dives 1&2 FANtasy and Side Street
Dive 1 was when my new dive computer broke (it has since been returned for a full refund!).  Some pretty coral formations, Lion Fish and nudibranchs.
Dive 2 our DMs Simon and Dix pulled a small shark out from under a rock and I got one pretty good picture.  Also the ever present Clown Fish.
14-Nov-2002 Dive 1 Carpet Cove
This was a great dive because we saw our first Blue Ribbon Eels (my pics we no good here though).  Nudibranchs, Clown Fish and Scorpion Leaf Fish.
14-Nov-2002 Dive 2 Pearl Rock
Now I got some good pics of the Blue Ribbon Eels.  Plus more Nudibrancs and Shark
15-Nov-2002 Dive 2 Soft Coral Plateau
Just a great last dive in Fiji.  More Lion Fish
Now you might notice that I left out Dive 1 of the last day... the shark dive.  Well, my position and the conditions just made for horrible pictures.  So we all have to wait for Craig's video.

In addition to the underwater pictures I have a few from the topside.  Included in this bunch are several pictures from Mike, a true photographer.  Mike's pictures include some from topside as well as underwater.  My pictures include some of the surrounding area, the parties, some of the staff and the fire walkers.  I also have collected a few pictures from Bill.  These pictures can be seen in my Above Water pages.

To take a look at other scuba pictures or to see my 34 Hot Rod, take a look at my main web page.

BULA! - Randy & Kim.

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